Employers are required to pay monthly contributions for each eligible employee under the Employees’ Social Security Act, 1969. But do you know what is this covers for?


Although injuries and health problems that arise from work are inevitable, they can be compensated for.

Malaysians who contribute to the Social Security Organisation (Socso) can claim for benefits if they sustain an injury or get sick due to their work, or even if it is NOT WORK-RELATED.

We have listed down some benefits under the scheme and you wouldn’t want to miss this!



This simply means a personal injury to an employee caused by accident or an occupational disease arising out of and in the course of his employment.

The protection under this scheme covers industrial accidents while carrying out their duties, accidents while travelling on a journey made for any reason which is directly connected to his employment and occupational disease(disease resulted from his occupation).

Accident or Occupational Disease Reports should be lodged with the following documents:

  • Borang Butiran Notis dan Tuntutan Faedah – Form 34
  • Photocopy of Identification Card
  • Photocopy of Attendance Record / Punch Card for the month of the accident that is verified by the employer
  • Original Police Report& Sketch map

Employers shall submit the claim form and other relevant documents to SOCSO within 48 hours upon notification of the accident that has occurred to an employee.



Coverage includes invalidity (the permanent morbid condition that is unlikely to be cured) caused by ANY circumstances NOT relating to work. This includes invalidity due to chronic diseases such as heart attacks, kidney failure, cancer, mental illness, asthma etc.

Invalidity pensions are paid as long as the employee is still suffering from the invalidity or deceased, and will be transferred to the eligible dependents if the employee passed away. There is no age limit and the minimum monthly pension is set at RM475.00.

To apply, the Insured Member person must complete and submit the following:

  • Borang Butiran Notis dan Tuntutan Faedah – Borang 34
  • Medical Report
  • A copy of the Insured Person’s Identification Card



This allowance is paid to an employee who is suffering from invalidity and is so severely incapacitated as to constantly require the personal attendance of another person (for example a private nurse ) certified by Medical Board or Special Medical Board or the Appellate Medical Board. (max RM500 per month)



(Widow/Children/ Parents/ Siblings/ Grandparents)

Survivors’ Pension is payable to the eligible dependents of an insured person who dies irrespective of the cause of death NOT related to employment, provided if the insured person dies before attaining 60 years old and fulfils certain criteria, OR the insured person who is in receipt of Invalidity Pension dies regardless of his age.

The defendants are entitled to receive a pension at the rate of 50% of their average of assumed monthly wage.



Funeral Benefit will be paid to the eligible person as prescribed in the Act if the employee died due to ANY cause. In the absence of such person, the benefit will be paid to the person who actually incurs the expenditure.

The amount paid will be the actual amount incurred or RM1,500 whichever is lower.



Rehabilitation facilities are made available by SOCSO for physical and technical rehabilitation for all employees that have permanent disabilities.

Dialysis facilities for insured persons suffering from kidney failure also included under the scheme.

All costs will be borne by SOCSO based on prevailing terms and conditions.



The Return to Work program involves a proactive approach taken in helping Insured Person with injuries or diseases, opportunities for safe and productive work activities as soon as it is medically possible.

For example MR.XX who sustained a broken bone on his back with a spinal cord injury. This caused partial paralysis on both legs and he underwent surgery and was subsequently referred to the Return To Work Program. Throughout the program, Mr XX was committed to the rehabilitation plan and attended physiotherapy regularly. The Job Placement Unit then assisted him in securing a job (reasonable salary) that is suitable for him.



Education Benefit is a SOCSO benefit that can come in the form of education benefits or scholarships to dependant beneficiaries based on PERKESO’s Benefits Schedule and meets the SOCSO’s requirements such as must be less than 21 years old when applying, not married&have received offers to further study at any Institute of Higher Education.

The overall cost of the tuition fee must not exceed RM100,000 not inclusive of sustenance allowance.

Education benefit applications should be made online at the official SOCSO website

( and by submitting the following documents:

  • A copy of the latest passport sized picture of the applicant

  • A certified original copy of the applicant’s birth certificate & identification card

  • A certified original copy of the applicant’s academic result

  • Offer letter, Confirmation letter and registration fee receipt from the Institute of Higher Education

  • A letter from the Institute of Higher Education following the SOCSO format highlighting the cost and tuition fees for the latest semester.

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